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Our Covid-19 response

While we continue to navigate the pandemic and its impact, we have ensured a smooth transition back to work. Our best practices include:
  • Social distancing in our offices, factories and stores
  • A flexible work from home policy
  • Personal hygiene training for all employees
  • Mandatory sanitization and temperature checks for all persons entering our premises
  • Daily sanitization of all workspaces
  • Private buses for all employees using public transport
  • Dedicated medical rooms in our factories
  • Private doctors on call to examine and diagnose employees with symptoms while at work and refer them for testing and/or further care
These practices help us to service our employees and clients safely while keeping our manufacturing processes operational.

Leiner Shoes
is India’s leading fashion footwear production house

Founded by Gautam and Deepika Mehra in 1989, what started with a single sewing machine in a small shed in Agra has expanded into fully mechanized factories producing 1.2 million pairs of shoes annually. Leiner pioneered the production of high heeled shoes in India and now manufactures shoes, boots, sandals, slippers, wedges and sneakers for women. The factories are located in Noida (New Delhi) and Agra (Uttar Pradesh). Our footwear is exported to premium brands and retailers across the globe.

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Design and Development

Create new collections

Customisation for brands
Research fashion forecasts

Attend international trend fairs
Dedicated service merchandisers

Fit models & experienced technicians

Marketing & Selling

Exhibit at

Visits to our showrooms
We come to you

Online presentations


Process involves cutting,
preparation, stitching, assembly,
finishing, quality control & packing
10 production lines and
150,000+ sq ft of production space

5000 pairs produced per day,
125,000 pairs per month
Stringent in-house quality
control and checks conforming
to customer specific standards

Shipping and Delivery

Committed logistics department for
imports and exports

Ex factory, FOB and C&F
shipping options

Customs clearance and delivery
options available in the UK and USA

Our Brands


women’s fashion footwear

Non binary footwear that breaks
gender stereotypes






Ankle boots

High boots